"Last spring we sold our 10,000 sq ft home that needed some cosmetic updates. Leanne helped us decide what areas of the house needed to be addressed, helped pick paint colors, carpet, quartz countertops, light fixtures, plumbing faucets, etc. Once we completed all of the updates she then came in and helped us stage the house for sale. She facilitated the rental of furniture in certain areas of the house, helped us decide which items needed to be removed from the house to make it feel less cluttered and more neutral so that it would attract more potential buyers. As a result of her good work we were able to sell our house within a very short time after putting it on the market. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking to use her services for their project."
Mike Pottinger - Builder

Most Projects Start with a Consultation

Are you thinking about a renovation project...or are you in the middle of a renovation and realize you might need some direction? Let's meet and you tell me your thoughts and I'll tell you mine.

- This lasts 1 1/2 - 2 hours
- Includes a visit to the property within the greater Kansas City area
- Design recommendations can include:
- floor plan
- paint colors
- furniture layout
- flooring ideas
- lighting ideas
- This service is $200

Feel free to call me to discuss the kind of consultation you need.   913-209-4318.

Other Services...

Exterior Visual Reimagine Services

 Using a photo of your home, I can provide you with a visual reference to show a different option for paint color and other exterior improvements.  If you are working with contractors, having something that they can look at will help to eliminate any confusion. When you have a visual that you can reference, you can begin to make it a reality right away or you can do it in phases. Explaining things can get misinterpreted but a picture is worth a thousand words!

Occupied Staging Consultation

After living in your home for a while you can become very comfortable with your space and become blind to the things that other people might notice. I will visit your home and give ideas that will make your home marketable and attractive to as many buyers as possible.

Investment Property Consultation

I work with Property Investors to change that ugly duckling into a swan. Sometimes flippers can get into a rut and not pay attention to shifting design popularity. I can come in, preferably BEFORE demolition, to give suggestions for making the home more appealing to buyers and give them that designer touch that will makes it stand out.

Designer By Your Side

Do you have a long or large renovation project that you are planning or currently involved in but want guidance along the way.  A 20 hour contract of time gives you access to me to help you make tile selections, countertops, flooring, floorplan, etc.  

E - Design

This happens after our initial consulation. I can give you 3D floorplans or 2D images for certain area of your homes so that you have a good starting point for your project *For discussion purposes only. Drawings represent design concepts for construction guidelines, estimates and proposals.

Designer for a Day

7 hours is a good amount of time to make some design decisions whether it's furniture or tile. We can shop together, select tile, flooring, paint, etc. selections.