"Leanne and I have worked together on over 10 projects, transforming homes ranging in value from $180,000 to over $900,000. Leanne is a key member of my team, taking the lead on creating the look and feel of both the interior and exterior of every property. She is excellent on keeping up to date on the latest design trends, then applying that knowledge to each home in selecting the various finishes, creating the right look and feel for every unique property, while also working within budget. The finished projects always get very positive feedback from potential buyers, and sell quickly. On top of working with me, over the years I have also recommended Leanne to many friends updating their own homes, all of which give glowing reports on how Leanne was so helpful with their projects." 
Kent Cable - KDC Custom Homes

Leanne Zumbrunnen

Owner - Z Touch Design Services

With an educational background in graphic arts and fashion design, I have designed everything from company logos and theme parties to wedding dresses and home design. Doing a major remodel on our house gave me the experience (and empathy) that goes along with it. My husband and I did most of the work ourselves. I even finished up the siding while I was 8 months pregnant.

My life long passion for decorating and design eventually led me to start staging homes in Kansas City as Z Touch Design. In 2008 I realized that this burgeoning field was in high demand. My small business led to working with a large vacant staging company which really expanded my expertise. My stagings were selling homes that had otherwise been sitting unsold on the market for long periods of time.  I truly feel like design & home staging in Kansas City was my calling.

I am a mother to 4 kids and 2 stepsons, and wife to a crazy & passionate Irish/German man with 13 brothers & sisters! My favorite pastime has always been creating memories...like scavenger hunts, theme birthday parties and family yearbooks.