Z' Touch Design Services
The DIY Designer

I am a DIYer from way back. At 14 years old I was making my own prom dress. Several years later at 8 months pregnant I was putting siding on my house.
Even if the homeowners/investors are not doing the work themselves and handing it over to a contractor, they still need to make design decisions on what they want their space to look like. Some people need guidance making those visual decisions and that's where I can be a big help.

"I think I was one of the first clients that Leanne staged for. The first was an odd layout but Leanne’s staging was great and gave the buyers the vision. It sold quickly. Her stagings are always warm and inviting. Her choices seem to say come sit and relax. Just a real homey feel. Leanne is super easy to work with and get along with. I also use Leanne once I buy a house to get her opinion on what the final layout should be construction wise. She can create choices of ideas of what the outside of the house could be from recreating photos. I highly recommend Leanne for consulting before remodeling, during remodeling, paint colors, then turning her loose for the staging."  
Gene Oharah - Gene Buys Houses